Garment Kits

Many living historians are prohibited from developing their impressions because of the costly nature of authentic goods. Very often the materials that go into a particular garment can be had for an excellent price, but because of the labor involved, the prices can quickly go into the triple figures. The simple truth is, if you can do five basic stitches (whip stitch, top stitch, running stitch, buttonhole stitch, and back stitch) you can make just about any 19th century garment if given the right instruc-tions. Our kits will include everything you need to make yourself a top quality garment except the needle and the time it takes to put it together. If you carefully follow our instructions, using the color pictures and contacting us with any specific questions you might have, you can reproduce an entirely handsewn garment for a fraction of the cost of a finished good from a retailer or manufacturer. The kits will include all the pieces needed to make the garment (properly labeled,) detailed instructions with color pictures throughout, thread, and even a ball of wax.

Federal Garment Kits

SA Fatigue Blouse Kit


Federal Issue Shirt Kit

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Federal Issue Drawers Kit

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SA Trousers Kit

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Civilian Shirt Kits

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Shelter Half Blanks

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Testimonial… Jim Worrell, winner of the 2008 N-SSA Robert L. Miller Memorial uniform competition wearing a uniform he made himself from W, W, & Co. kits.  Jim had the following to say about our kits:

“Dan supplied me with the kits for the sack coat, trousers and drawers; all are of the Schuylkill arsenal pattern, as I was portraying a soldier from the 1st Delaware Infantry Regiment, just after the battle of Fredericksburg. Having no experience at hand sewing, I was very grateful for the color photo/text instructions that came with the kits, all materials were of the correct weight and weave, even the thread was perfect, each kit came with more than enough thread. Probably the best part of dealing with Wambaugh & White was the support/advice Dan gave me, he was always there when I called on the phone. All in all, I must say that it was a very good experience.” 
Jim Worrell

Thanks Jim!  And we are happy to have played a small part in your winning the award!