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The mysterious four button jacket that has been found in dozens of images and existing examples can be found across the nation, yet no one has yet identified which depot, if any, they came from!  This is a plain, four button jacket with an exterior welted pocket.  The entire perimeter of the inside is overcast into place, and the jackets are fully lined in osnaberg or other fine weave cotton.   These are perhaps our favorite jacket to reproduce and are a stylish way to break the monotony of the standard Richmond Depot jackets in the CS ranks.

Our reproduction is based on an original in the Ross County Ohio Historical Society collection.  For material we offer any of our wide range of jean cloth, though we do recommend that customers stick to the standard sheep's wool colors (gray, brown, tan) as that was what was used in the surviving originals.  Dyed materials are not recommended for this garment.

The kits for these jackets will take you step by step through the unique and relatively simple construction process used in the original.  They are a simple garment to construct, with a simple four piece body and one piece sleeve.  The jacket construction utilizes simple backstitching, running stitches, overcasting, topstitching, and buttonhole stitching.  On a scale of difficulty this kit would be easier than an SA blouse but more difficult than a federal issue shirt.  

Every kit will come with all of the pieces cut out, four "I" shield eagle buttons, an instruction booklet with full color pictures, enough thread to assemble it, and even a little piece of wax for the thread!

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