Custom Garments

WHITE’S HALL was created by the proprietor Brian White as a means to share his enthusiasm for Civil War-era military material culture by providing museum quality replica uniforms & clothing based directly on surviving originals, contemporary photographs, & written accounts. WHITE’S HALL is a purely part-time operation that focuses on custom items not found in the Wambaugh, White, & Company catalog. the proprietor reserves the right to decline requests if they interfere with his full-time job.

OUR MATERIALS! from the coarsest jeans to the finest woolen broadcloth can be had from a number of existing vendors & can be supplemented by yard-goods & notions from a myriad of jobbers both foreign & domestic.

OUR CONSTRUCTION! is warranted to be both long-lasting & accurate in every detail. Machine sewing is used to a degree in some products while others are expressly hand-sewn, or a combination of both.

OUR RESEARCH! is culled from the first-hand study of original uniforms & clothing, photographs, written accounts, & etc.. Our scrutiny ensures quality & historical fidelity.

If you are interested in discussing a project with Brian, you can email him at