Schuylkill Arsenal Blouse Kit

The Schuylkill Arsenal fatigue blouse is the ultimate item of clothing for the Federal living historian. Issued in every theater of the war, and at all times during the war, the fatigue blouses issued through the arsenal are undoubtedly the most versatile garment a Federal living historian can own. Above all, the trademark of these garments is that they were invariably entirely hand-sewn. This, unfortunately, has been a major barrier for today’s living historians. If one were able to find an entirely hand-sewn blouse for less than $400.00, it would be a lucky find indeed! Now, for a fraction of that price, you can treat yourself to an entirely hand-sewn blouse.We are happy to offer Schuylkill Arsenal blouse kits for lined and unlined blouses, with unique instructions accompanying each. If you can do the five most basic stitches (backstitch, running stitch, whip-stitch, topstitch, and buttonhole stitch) you can make this blouse. We will give you everything you need to make the blouse, short of a needle and a pair of scissors. Included in the kit will be:

-All pieces of cloth, cut out and ready to sew.
-The blouse flannel is of the same vibrant indigo color used in our other blouses.
-An instructional booklet with color photographs.
-Sleeve linings stamped with the sizes with an “SA” and dots.
-Enough cotton thread to complete the blouse and have some left over for future projects.
-Even some natural beeswax to wax the thread!
-My contact information if you have any questions or need some help with a particular step.

Price $130.00

Custom Length Request (Add $10.00)

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Make sure you have a current size chart on file with us before ordering.

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