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Manufactured from the fall of 1862 to the end of the war, the jackets produced by the Columbus Depot were perhaps the single most common garment worn by Western Confederate troops.  Surviving quartermaster records and other accounts show that these jackets were also issued to soldiers as far away as Southwest Virginia and Vicksburg, Mississippi, making it one of the most essential and versatile for a Western Confederate impression. 

Our kit is based on the original jacket issued to Elijah Woodward, Company C, 9th Kentucky Infantry who was purported to have worn it at the battle of Baton Rouge shortly before he deserted.  Like the original, our Columbus Depot jacket kit features a six piece body, one piece sleeve, and two interior pockets set into the lining.  Each jacket kit is cut from your choice of jean cloth, our unbleached osnaburg lining, and custom hand-dyed royal blue kersey for the collar and cuff facings.  Please note that these materials differ slightly from those used for our in-house finished Columbus Depot jackets.  

As with all of our kits, each Columbus Depot jacket kit comes with all of the pieces cut out and bundled with the necessary materials for assembly; dark brown thread, stamped red brass "block I" buttons, and even beeswax for the thread!  Our contact information is included with the full-color instructions in case you have any questions while assembling your jacket.

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