Federal Issue Drawers Kit



Perhaps the simplest item in a federal soldier's uniform, issue drawers were nonetheless essential to the comfort and health of the soldier.  Meant to serve as the layer next to the skin, drawers prevented painful chafing, while the soft interior of the material was comfortable, and the durable outside prevented premature wear.  Federal issue drawers were constructed using a simple six piece pattern, and are made utilizing only simple seams and hand felling.  This kit is easily the simplest garment you can construct, and is a perfect starter kit for the first timer.  The drawers are made from a top quality 100% cotton canton flannel.  Two paper backed tin buttons and a yard of cotton tape are included, as well as our standard instruction booklet with full color pictures.  Enough thread to assemble them as well as a little piece of wax will give you all the materials you need to assemble the drawers.

Drawers kits are available in sizes 32-42

Difficulty Level

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