Schuylkill Arsenal Trouser Kit


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Easily the most widely issued and used type of US issue footman's trousers during the Civil War, the trousers produced by the Schuylkill Arsenal were made by the hundreds of thousands by the women of Philadelphia.  These trousers, like the majority of the other garments produced and issued by the arsenal, were entirely hand sewn.  This fact alone has meant that authentically produced reproductions of these common trousers have been hard to find, and very expensive.  Now, for a fraction of the price and a little elbow grease you can have these ultimate trousers that will be appropriate for most impressions.

Exactly copied from an original in the Don Troiani collection, these trousers are clearly marked as being produced by the arsenal, and have the unique feature of having mule ear pockets.  These trousers are not an anomaly, however, as two other examples of SA trousers (and one of J.T. Martin produced trousers) have been viewed having these distinctive pockets.  Mule ear pockets allow for a dramatically increased amount of comfort over side seam pockets, and anyone who has lost a prized pocket knife or other item out of a pair of side seam pockets will definitely appreciate the difference.

Our kit will include everything needed to assemble a pair of trousers such as:
All pieces cut and ready to sew.
A skein of dark blue cotton thread
7 large and 5 small paper-backed tin buttons.
A small piece of wax for the thread
A TEN page instruction manual with many full color pictures including a couple of the original trousers!

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