Customized Standard Issue Clothing (and other oxymorons)

For years we have resisted requests from customers to customize the sizes of our items which replicate standard issue uniform items.  An extra couple inches to the sleeve or to the body, an exterior welted pocket “to hold Read more

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Sleeve Gusset Basics or “What’s good for the gusset is good for the gander!”

The number one question I get with my kits is “How the heck are gussets attached to sleeves?”  I’ve probably gone through this over the phone and email around three dozen times, which makes it pretty obvious that Read more

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Garment Kit Difficulty Scale

We have recently implemented a rating scale for the difficulty of our garment kits.  This will allow our customers to tell at a glance what skill level we recommend to successfully assemble a kit.


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Cap Size Chart

Posted with permission, this is the size chart we had on our cap pages.  (Please understand that this does NOT mean we are currently selling caps.


Sizing Chart

Military Size Civilian Size Measurement (inches) 1 6 3/4 21 Read more
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Kit skeins

How to use your skein

The thread included with our kits comes in skein form.  This is because it is easiest to measure out thread while skeining (and thus ensure that we have given you enough to complete your Read more

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“Waisted Talent” Dispelling the myths and confusion surrounding reproduction Civil War trouser sizing.

US Quartermaster Trouser Measurements (Printed with permission of CJ Daley.)


In this article I will attempt to answer some common, and age old questions concerning the sizing of authentic Civil War era reproduction trousers.  It is important Read more

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