Garment Kit Difficulty Scale

We have recently implemented a rating scale for the difficulty of our garment kits.  This will allow our customers to tell at a glance what skill level we recommend to successfully assemble a kit.


One star rating is our easiest garment kits.  A familiarity with how to make basic stitches is required, and these kits will walk you through some basic construction techniques.  Perfect for the first-timer.



 ★★ Two star rating means that you should be familiar with basic construction techniques like sewing and felling seams, easing, and sewing good quality buttonholes.


★★★ Three star rating means that you are now into more complicated outer garments, usually with linings and extensive hand stitching.


★★★★ Four star rating means complicated outer garments with lots of pieces and small assemblies to sew, utilizing some difficult techniques.  


★★★★★ Five star rating means the most complicated garment we offer.  These will likely utilize every technique learned in other kits in a complicated outer garment that requires the highest level of skill and precision.