Kit skeins

How to use your skein

The thread included with our kits comes in skein form.  This is because it is easiest to measure out thread while skeining (and thus ensure that we have given you enough to complete your project!)  Having wrestled with skeins for hours in the past, over time I learned that there is a simple and effective way of preparing your skein to hand sew with that only takes a few seconds.


The skein as it appears out of your notions packet:



Step 1: Find the place where a simple single knot has been tied in the skein (the thread will cross over the majority of the skein.)



Step 2:  Holding onto the knot, open the skein to its full length (our skeins are all wound on a 1 3/4 yard winder, so the complete open skein will be a little less than 1 yard across.)



Step 3:  Clip the thread at one end.  This will make perfect 1 3/4 yard lengths of thread, which is a good length for sewing buttonholes.  Pull out 10-15 of these threads and set them aside.  Then cut the skein in half again to give you shorter lengths that are approximately the length of your arm (the exact amount you want to sew with each time.)



Step 4:  Grab a single thread from the center of the skein and while holding the skein in your other hand, pull the single thread away.



Step 5:  Pull the thread away from the skein and the rest should pop back into place once the single thread is removed.  This will work every time!