Customized Standard Issue Clothing (and other oxymorons)

For years we have resisted requests from customers to customize the sizes of our items which replicate standard issue uniform items.  An extra couple inches to the sleeve or to the body, an exterior welted pocket “to hold my beer”, and trim, trim!, TRIM! have been the most sought after alterations.  Nine times out of ten we have resisted these requests, but their frequency and tone have increased and after a great deal of discussion we have finally decided to bend, at least in terms of size requests.

While it was extremely uncommon, requisitions for “big and tall” uniform items are documented, but are exceedingly rare.  Much more typical (and authentic for our 21st century portrayals) is the rebel POW below, who I guarantee if he had lived today would have emailed three times and called twice about the fit of his sleeves!

The flip side of the coin is that today we are not shaped the same way as our mid-nineteenth century counterparts.  This topic has been covered ad-nauseum, and does not need to be rehashed here.  Likewise, many reenactors will spend more on a hand made jacket or pair of trousers than they do on all the other clothing they wear in the course of a day, and they want it to fit.  Believe me, we understand this.

As such, we have made a “custom length request” dialog box available on all applicable products.  These dialog boxes will allow customers to request lengthening of their standard issue clothing items UP TO 3 INCHES.  For this customization a $10.00 fee will apply. 

For the sake of clarity, these requests should look like this:

“Add 2″ to sleeve, 1″ to body”

“Add 3″ to body, 1″ to sleeve”

“Add 2″ to sleeve”

and so on.  Requests outside these parameters will be ignored.  If you ask for length beyond this it will be lowered to three inches. 

Above all, our goal is to provide our customers with authentic reproduction uniform items.  We are now leaving it up to you whether a custom-sized standard issue uniform item fits within your definition of that.