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Civilian shirts patterned "on the square" were among the most common men's shirt of the 1860s.  Purchased ready-made or made by loving hands at home, it is easily argueable that every man of the period owned one at some time or another.  The pattern name was derived from the simple square and rectangular pattern pieces which made for easy assembly even by the novice.  In addition to being worn widely by civilians, and sent from home to Northern soldiers, shirts of these type were even widely issued to CS soldiers having been made by local contract to individuals or garment firms, or even by soldiers aide societies.  

The materials we offer will only be available for a limited time, and for an average of a half dozen kits.  That means if you see a material you like, order the kit right away, and if nothing strikes your fancy, check back every few weeks and we'll likely have something new on hand!  Like usual our kits come with all the materials, thread, buttons, and even beeswax you need to assemble your shirt, as well as detailed instructions with color photographs.

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