Schuylkill Arsenal Blouses

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Schuylkill Arsenal Fatigue Blouses (Lined)

Our reproduction is copied from an original in a private collection, which appears to be a mid war issue item, and to have been worn by a sergeant.  It was definitely worn for an extended period as evidenced by wear marks around the waist belt area.  This blouse is appropriate for most Federal impressions as the Schuylkill Arsenal issued goods to all theaters of war at one time or another.  

Our reproduction features a four piece body and two piece sleeve, and incorporates the features of the original.  70% handsewn with all machine sewing hidden to give you that proper SA look.  Our blouses are lined in the body with many different types of lightweight woolen material..  Many original SA-made blouses exhibit pretty wild colored linings, and generally the material used was whatever inexpensive woolen could be found cheaply.  Occasionally we will have brightly colored patterned linings, but most often the blouses will be lined in simpler woolen materials.

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