Commutation Jackets

Standard Grade C.S. Commutation Jacket

Price $245.00

(Includes exposed hand sewing, epaulettes)

Collar Trim None Add $20.00
Cuff Trim None Add $20.00
Extra Patch Pocket None Add $10.00
Non-Functional Cuff Buttons None Add $5.00
Functional Epaulettes None Add $10.00
Trim Color
Button Type
Jackets come standard with your choice of wood, Block I, or US eagle buttons.
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Logwood Jean Add $20
Tart Jean Add $10.00

Custom Length Request (Add $10.00)

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The term “commutation jacket” as we know it today generally covers any jacket that was sent from home to a soldier serving in the field or issued to him after being provided through relief societies or purchased on the unit-wide scale from manufacturers. Early in the war the commutation system was set up to allow the central CS government some relief from having to supply the soldiers, at least until the depot system could come into full swing. Even once the depot system was supplying thousands of uniforms evey month many soldiers preferred to have garments made at home by loving hands rather than the sometimes sub-standard depot-produced garments.

From the perspective of the living historian, a good plain commutation jacket is second only to an untrimmed frock coat in terms of versatility. As always so-called “generic” garments cannot be a substitute for wearing the garments documented to a specific unit at a specific time, but for the units for which little documentation is available, or for the time periods where the specific type of garment that was worn is unclear, a simple untrimmed commutation jacket is an excellent alternative. Furthermore, documentation bears out that simple homemade jackets are seen being used by CS soldiers in all periods of the war from the initial mobilization of the militas to the surrender at Appomattox.

Our basic reproduction features a standard six piece body and two piece sleeve, epaulets, a single interior patch pocket and a seven button front. From this basic jacket you can add details to suit your impression or preferences. The pattern is drafted from Devere’s system of patterning. This system and its variants was the most common patterning style used during the period, both north and south. Our variation on it gives you a boxier cut, but a longer body that will be sure to cover your shirt! The collars are more squared than other CS depot-issued garments. The perimeter of the jacket is hand topstitched. The jacket comes standard with a 7 button fronts but we can do 8 or 9 at no extra charge if requested.

We also have the capacity to do reproductions of specific original commutation jackets, please enquire with us to discuss price and details. Pictures are of our standard jacket with the addition of piped epaulettes and wood buttons.