Columbus Depot Jackets

Columbus Depot “Type I”

Based on the Private Woodward jacket, our reproductions utilize only the best materials and construction features to give as accurate a reproduction of this jacket as possible. The bodies are made from a gray wool on brown cotton warp jeancloth. Every exposed stitch is handsewn, with the entire perimeter hand topstitched, and two slit pockets set by hand into the interior. The trim is made from old stock Family Heirloom Weavers wool kersey, which is the correct weight, weave, and color to match the original jacket. The jackets have a five button front with stamped red brass block “I” buttons. No corner has been cut on our jackets, only the best materials and craftsmanship are used, and make these some of the best Columbus Depot jackets produced since the war!

Price $250.00

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Our recommendation: Tart drab jean

Logwood Jean Add $20.00
Tart Jean Add $10.00
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