Wanted Items

Want to upgrade your uniform but don’t have a ton of cash?  You may have something we’re interested in trading for some of our products and services.  See below:

WANTED:  Reproduction Firearms

We are looking for top quality reproduction or original military and civilian firearms including models 1816, 1842, 1855, and 1861 Springfields, 1841 (Mississippi) Rifles, Sharps rifles and carbines, and Enfield rifles and muskets.  Contact us with what you have and we will be happy to discuss possible trades!


We are also willing to pay or give top trade value for certain reproductions such as Yeck Springfields and Richmonds, Miroku/Dixie Springfields, and Birmingham-made Parker Hale Enfields!



WANTED:  Original Soldier Images (CDVs, hard images, etc.)

Specifically looking for IDed US Sharpshooter images and other documented images.  Show us what you’ve got!