Schuylkill Arsenal Footman’s Trousers

Price $275.00

These trousers are also available in FHW dark green kersey for $25 more!

Important! Before ordering, read this article about proper trouser sizing! “Waisted Talent


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The Federal government’s original military goods manufactory and contractor, Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia continued operating during and well after the Civil War. This powerhouse provided everything from specialized regimental uniforms to forage caps. As a form of social welfare Schuylkill Arsenal parceled out pre-cut clothing to be sewn by thousands of local women who were in need of employment. As a result of this no two pairs of surviving S.A. trousers are exactly the same. For the duration of the war Schuylkill provided uniforms (and fabric) to nearly all other Federal depots or arsenals, in order to help supplement their own locally produced supplies.

Our reproduction Schuylkill Arsenal trousers are copied from a pair from the extensive collection of artist/historian Don Troiani and feature unique rounded “mule-ear” pockets and a triangular rear gusset. This style of pocket is typically thought of as decidedly “Confederate” however we have studied no less than five original pairs of Federal trousers with this pocket type. Each pair features visible hand-sewing with the hidden seams machine-sewn; completely hand-sewn trousers are also available upon request. Hand-drafted arsenal, size, and inspector stamps complete each pair.