Notions & Supplies

General Service U.S. Eagle Buttons

High quality general service US eagle buttons custom made for us using dies from a matched set of originals which give the faces a crisp appearance.  The buttons have a plain brass finish (not gilt) with correct backmarks, and correctly-shaped shanks which are soldered into place.  Truly some of the finest reproduction eagle buttons available on the market today! The eagle buttons are available in “medium” 3/4 inch (30 ligne) coat size and “small” 1/2″ (24 ligne) cuff size.

3/4″ coat size $1.95/ea

50 or more $1.80/ea)


1/2″ cuff size $1.80

(50 or more $1.65/ea)


Fatigue Blouse Set of Eagle Buttons

Four 3/4″ general service eagle buttons to upgrade your fatigue blouse.

Price $7.50


U.S. Frock Coat Set of Eagle Buttons

Eleven 3/4″ general service eagle buttons & four 1/2″ eagle buttons to upgrade your US frock coat.

Price $25.00


Cotton Thread

6,000 yard cone of four-cord size 30 100% cotton thread. We have this specially made for us with no finish (mercerization, glace, etc) which makes it an excellent and authentic thread for both hand and machine sewing.

Available in three colors: brown, natural, and blue.

We recommend size 18 universal needles for machine sewing.

Price $75.00