North Carolina Jacket

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The state of North Carolina produced tens of thousands of uniform items for its troops serving in various theaters of the war.  By employing its own purchasing agents overseas and keeping the port of Wilmington open until the final months of the war the state was able to augment its domestic textile production and did argueably the best job of any southern state of supplying its soldiers.  In fact, in the final months of the war the state issued a large number of its surplus uniforms to the Army of Tennessee as it pursued Sherman.

Based on the Private John B. MacRae jacket, our reproduction features the same simple, hasty construction of the original.  The jacket features a four-piece body and one piece sleeve, cotton osnaburg lining, and a six button front closed with copper North Carolina buttons.  All exposed stitching is hand sewn and this jacket is an excellent additional to your NCST or late war AoT impression!