“Gettysburg” C.S. Trousers

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Based on an original unattributed pair in the Gettysburg National Military Park, we chose the name for these trousers based on their present location rather than for any relation they had to the battle of Gettysburg. The trousers are interesting in that they share very few features with extant trousers of Confederate manufacture however they are without a doubt a war-time Confederate garment. Rather than being the output of any known depot it’s possible that the trousers are a remnant of the “Great Appeal” or “Commutation” period of CS uniform production, an item made by a loved one at home, or even the product of an as-yet-unknown domestic manufacturer.

Features that set the trousers apart are hand back-stitched and overcast self-fabric pockets, buttonhole and button fly “cut on” to the fore pieces, one-piece folded waistband in the fore pieces, bias cut cotton curtain in the seat, striped cotton cuff facings, no suspender buttons, and an added rear adjustment belt taken from a pair of black civilian trousers. The original pair also has hand sewn dark blue stripes, which we offer as an add-on option, and brown bone fly buttons.

Our reproduction “Gettysburg” trousers can be made from any currently available fabric seen here on the website, however the originals are made from a gray on natural satinet. In an effort to reproduce the trousers as accurately as possible, we also offer them in Ben Tart’s gray on natural satinet while yardage is regularly available.