Family Heirloom Weavers Jean

Price $24.00/yard

Fabric Choice

The above materials are all $24/yard (plus shipping.)  These are all fabrics from Family Heirloom Weavers and limited amounts are available. They are standard materials from which you can choose to make your garment at no extra charge. NOTE: Certain colors are available in extremely limited quantities.  We’ll contact you if your yardage order exceeds the total available or if the material is no longer available.

FHW 100% Wool Kersey

Price $35.00/yard

Fabric Choice

We have limited quantities of 100% wool kersey woven by FHW. These should be considered one-time stocks and once sold out we will most likely not stock them again.

NOTE: If you want to use this kersey for your finished garment or kit, add the “logwood” option for the up charge and then enter the type of kersey you want to use in the “preferred material” box.