C.S. Mule Ear Pocket Enlisted Trousers

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Hand-Sewn Price $375.00

Pockets Pointed Mule Ear
Curved Mule Ear
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Important! Before ordering, read this article about proper trouser sizing! “Waisted Talent

Like most CS issue trousers, these utilize a civilian pattern and are made most commonly from jeancloth, though satinettes, cassimeres, and other assorted cloth was occasionally used. Ours feature “mule ear” pockets that can either be of the pointed, or curved variety, (but will not have buttonholes, research shows that this was not a common feature.)

It must be noted that the majority of CS trousers are simply civilian patterns adapted for military use by the elimination of stylish features and the use of more untilitarian fabrics such as woolen jean cloth. As such, simple mule-ear pocket CS trousers such as these are appropriate for numerous CS enlisted impressions, east, west, early, or late war. They can be made from a variety of materials depending on what we have on hand.