Standard Grade Civilian Pattern Drawers

Price $95.00

Hand-Sewn Price $125.00


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Important! Before ordering, read this article about proper trouser sizing! “Waisted Talent”

Too often living historians let one simple aspect of their impression slide, that is the humble drawers. To the veteran campaigner a pair of good, sturdy, authentic drawers is one of the most valuable items in their impression. Their necessity on a hot day when sweat pours and the road is long and hot has been testified to by hundreds of campaigners, as well as the original veterans. Likewise, on cold night a warm pair of canton flannel drawers can be the difference between shivering on guard duty, or standing warm, comfortable, and alert.

Our reproduction drawers are of a simple civilian pattern, and come in both summer and winter weight. The former are made out of a lightweight 100% cotton osnaberg. The winter weight drawers are made out of canton flannel, the durable but soft material preferred by the Federal Quartermaster. Our drawers include a single closure at the waist as well as a single fly button, and have the cuffs closed with ties. The back belts can be adjusted via a simple tie so that your drawers won’t slip down on the march.