Canteen of the type issued in the hundreds of thousands by the Cincinnati depot to soldiers throughout the western theater. Canteens from this depot were typified by a tin spout, and plain weave cotton or linen strap. The stopper is a custom made short cork with a square nut and domed tin washer. Our canteens are covered in a variety of jeans and are lined in beeswax.



Canteen of the style made by the hundreds of thousands by and for the Philadelphia Depot. Canteens of this type were typified by a pewter spout and two piece tin body. The stopper is custom made with a long cork, oblong nut with cutouts for the spanner tool, and a flat tin washer. The canteens are covered in a variety of jeans and lined in beeswax. Our reproduction canteen is of the type that was contracted by the depot in late 1861, the cover is hand sewn into place and comes standard with a twilled cotton strap.

If you would like a leather strap for your canteen we can highly recommend LD Haning.




Add Cover ($25.00)

American made tin drum canteen made with hot dipped tin, let plain or covered in jean cloth for an additional fee (left loose to allow for shrinkage.)  Simple cork stopper with cotton cording.  Hand sewn strap made from custom made FHW cotton webbing.