Business Philosophy

About Us

Wambaugh White and Company first started producing garments in the summer of 2000.  At that time we did not have the same name, and were little more than a guy sewing Confederate jackets and SA blouses in a basement.  Within two years a partner was added, giving us the name we have now, and slowly and steadily the product line was expanded.  In the nine years that have passed since the writing of this and the writing of our original “philosophy” statement little has changed in the fundamental principles of our business.

We are devoted to new, fresh research and working together with manufacturers to produce materials as close to original textiles as possible.  We proudly offer a small line of exact reproduction garments based upon originals, as well as more universal clothing that will cover a wide spectrum of impressions.  We have kept our prices low and tirelessly work to source better materials for lower prices to make this possible.  In the last five years we have dramatically expanded our line of kits, making it possible for folks with a modest amount of sewing experience to construct their own hand sewn uniforms for a fraction of the price.  And in the last year we have begun offering limited runs of fabric to the general public, and routinely stock over a thousand yards of material at any given time.

Our standard grade garments feature hand sewing whenever appropriate, and machine sewing in hidden places to keep costs low for our customers.  We’re also proud to offer entirely hand sewn garments for our customers who want the ultimate in authenticity.  Over the years we have examined dozens of original garments in detail which has led us to the realization that there is no substitute for studying the original clothing of the time to give you a true understanding of technique and quality.  In every item and garment we produce we instill the same level of quality and the same techniques used in original clothing; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Over the years it has been our pleasure to work with some of the finest craftsmen in the hobby.  We have sold leather goods, knit good, caps, tinware, and clothing from very talented individuals.  Only items that meet our high standards are sold by us, and 90% of our products are still produced by the two guys with their name on the sign.

We are constantly improving our products, constantly developing new ones, and listening to feedback and answering questions from customers.  Today we have two full time employees who combined work over one hundred hours a week producing clothing.  Though we have come a long way from a single guy sewing coats in a basement, you will still reach that same guy every time you call our phone number or send us an email.


Dan Wambaugh

August 2009