Appler Jacket

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The John C. Appler jacket is a superb example of a non-descript, simple Confederate jacket with good provenance and a fair amount of mystery concerning when it was actually worn. Appler served in the 4th Missouri Infantry (CS, later consolidated with the 1st) and fought in Mississippi at the battles of Corinth (where he was wounded, captured, and subsequently escaped) and Champion Hill (where he was again wounded in the ankle, ending his service.) Appler claimed to have been wearing this uniform when he was at Champion Hill, and he continued to wear it at post war reunions.

Our reproduction features a four piece body and one-piece sleeve, with the unique collar and cuff construction found on the original. An exterior pocket with a narrow welt is featured on the left front, and the interior has a large brown jean cloth pocket (likely a field addition from Appler himself). The jacket features nine eagle buttons, is lined in cotton osnaburg and we recommend the body be made from light gray or tan jeans. All of the exposed stitching is hand sewn.

This jacket would be perfect for your Trans-Mississippi impression, or your Corinth through Vicksburg campaign impression.