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The same contractor who manufactured an original pair of issue drawers, Alvin Rose of New York City also provided haversacks, painted blankets, unlined fatigue blouses, infantry uniform coats, cavalry jackets, shirts, and a total of 395,000 pairs of infantry trousers during the war.  The majority of Rose’s contracts date from January to September 1864 which might explain why the surviving drawers and trousers are in such excellent condition.  Immediately noticeable on these trousers are the horizontal “slash” pockets which are by no means uncommon if original soldier photographs are considered.  Additionally, a strikingly similar pair produced by Conant & Bolles of NYC were worn during the Seven Days campaign while an unmarked mounted pair were worn in 1865 by a Vermonter serving in an Illinois artillery battery.

Our reproduction Alvin Rose trousers are copied from a pair residing in a private collection and feature horizontal “slash” pockets and a large square rear gusset.  As with our Martin trousers there is a combination of hand and machine sewing throughout.  Each pair is marked with a contractor and numerical size stamp in the waistband.


Important!  Before ordering, read this article about proper trouser sizing!  “Waisted Talent”