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General Service US Eagle Buttons

High quality general service US eagle buttons custom made for us using dies from a matched set of originals which give the faces a crisp appearance.  The buttons have a plain brass finish (not gilt) with correct backmarks, and correctly-shaped shanks which are soldered into place.  Truly some of the finest reproduction eagle buttons available on the market today!

The eagle buttons are available in “medium” 3/4 inch (30 ligne) coat size and “small” 1/2″ (24 ligne) cuff size.

3/4″ coat size $1.50/ea

(50 or more $1.25/ea)



1/2″ cuff size $1.15

(50 or more $.90/ea)


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Fatigue Blouse Set of Eagle Buttons

Four 3/4″ general service eagle buttons to upgrade your fatigue blouse.



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US Frock Coat Set of Eagle Buttons

Eleven 3/4″ general service eagle buttons & four 1/2″ eagle buttons to upgrade your US frock coat.



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Original Suspender Buckles

Small buckles (7/8″ wide, blued finish)



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