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Machine Woven Wool Socks

High quality 100% wool socks available in various colors.  These socks are made on an original 19th century circular sock knitting machine and are made from only the highest quality New England wool.  An authentic alternative to expensive hand knit socks!
Our socks are available in two sizes: Regular, for all foot sizes up to 11 1/2, and extra large, for feet larger than 11 1/2.  A correct fit is essential to comfort and durability!

Price $40.00


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Civilian Braces (Suspenders)

Made from layered cotton shirting, and with machine sewn edges done with an antique chainstitch sewing machine, with hand sewn buttonholes and hand made leather end tabs in a split riser configuration. All the hand work in these is done with our superb German linen thread, and is very durable.  These are perfect “field suspenders” and will withstand the rigors of the campaign.  These excellent reproductions are available in a wide variety of colors and are a steal at $35.00 a set!

Price $35.00

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