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Haversacks & Canteens

CS Haversack

Top quality reproductions of plain CS issue haversacks in various colors and types of materials.  Most are made from linen/cotton blend and some are made of a striped cotton material. Some have two button closures, some have one. Please specify which type you would like when ordering.

Price $45.00

Fabric Choice

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CS Tin Drum Canteen

American made tin drum canteen made with hot dipped tin, covered in your choice of gray, brown, or logwood dyed jean cloth (left loose to allow for shrinkage.)  Simple cork stopper with hemp cording.  Hand sewn hemp strap with antique japanned buckle.

Price $85.00

Cover Color

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CS Webbing Canteen Slings

Made from medium weight twill-woven hemp webbing, with a hand sewn japanned suspender buckle.

Price $22.00


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