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Geo. Bryan RD II Jacket


We are pleased to offer this new reproduction Richmond Depot jacket based upon the Richmond Depot “Type II” Jacket worn by Captain George Bryan of the 2nd North Carolina Cavalry when he was killed in action around Richmond on August 16th, 1864.  The original jacket shows evidence that Bryan purchased it not long before his death from the Confederate governemnt, and had yellow trim applied at his own expense.  The jacket is made from a lower grade of English Army Cloth than we have viewed in other original garments, but is nevertheless soundly made.  It exhibits a number of interesting features including a hand attached front facing that allowed the continuation of the chest lining to become the interlining.  Additionally while the lining is assembled completely by hand, the body shell is assembled by machine, with the finishing topstitching done likewise on the machine.  This is an indicator of a mass-produced CS garment, with the shell likely being assembled in the depot, and the hand work of the lining being farmed out to locals or another department in the depot.  Further interesting details are that while logwood dyed thread was used for the extior topstitching, natural thread was used on the interior work including the reverse side of the topstitching!


Our reproduction will feature exterior logwood dyed thread, eagle, I shield eagle, or CS “I” buttons and is available in a number of materials that would be appropriate for a mid to late war Richmond Depot jacket.

The Museum Grade jacket features an entirely hand sewn lining and is an exact reprodution of the original!



George Pettigrew Bryan Richmond Depot Jacket

Price $185.00

Museum Grade Jacket (handsewn lining)

Price $235.00

(including the insignia if desired)

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