Custom Garments

Over the last several years I have been taken by moods to produce something out of the ordinary and have occasionally accepted orders from friends and good customers for items that I do not normally offer.  Now, against my better judgement, and after years of goading by my partner Brian, I have decided to put up a small gallery of some of these garments for your enjoyment.  The one caveat with my sharing these is I do NOT want people contacting me wanting special items.  More often than not I have made these items only for people that I have known for decades, or customers who have purchased a great deal from me, (it took one fellow $2,400.00 in purchases in ONE YEAR before I would agree to make him a federal enlisted frock coat!)  So please, do not contact me wanting something from this page, truthfully, the quickest way to get on my nerves is for someone who has never ordered one of our standard items to contact me wanting something special!

That being said, enjoy the gallery! (Click on images to enlarge and to read description)

randolph Randolfmess bugscoat2 bugscoat5 earlyfrock earlyfrock2 offsack1 offsack2 skinny1 skinny5 trimmedsack K-P K-P2 booziecoat1 booziecoat2 cass4button fedfrock1 fedfrock2 fedfrock3 trimmedfrock2 offjkt1 offjkt2