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CS Commutation Jacket Kit

The simple yet versatile CS commutation jacket is an essential item to have in any CS living historian’s closet.  Time and again simple jackets with a six piece body and two piece sleeve are seen in pictures from every period and theater of the war.  Sadly, surviving examples of the myriad of jackets worn during the commutation period are few and offer only a small sampling of these jackets, and we are forced to use photographs and first hand accounts to better piece together the typical appearance of the Confederate soldier on campaign.

In the past our kits have been constructed to replicate specific originals, this time we are replicating a traditional jacket incorporating common features and construction techniques that were used on original jackets.  The benefit to this is that you will be making an authentic, versatile, and entirely handsewn jacket, and those of you who have a specific original you like will be able to alter your kit to replicate that jacket.  The pattern for your kit will be drafted from DeVere’s system of patterning, which was used extensively before, during, and after the war and was common throughout the country.  With a simple squared body, fashionable wide elbow sleeves, and a plain squared off collar you will truly have the appearance of the common Confederate soldier.  Because this pattern is drafted using a period correct system, it is not altered for modern waist lines like most other jacket patterns used today.  As such, both your chest and waist measurement will be needed to ensure a proper fit.

We will offer optional epaulettes for anyone who would like to add them to their jacket.  For your kit you may choose from any of the CS materials we have in stock, and at no additional charge may have your choice of blue jeancloth or black twilled wool to make your collar, epaulettes, or both.  All of the jackets will be lined in superb cotton osnaburg, and you will have your choice between federal eagle buttons or brass block “I” buttons!  With all of these choices you will be able to make a jacket that is truly unique and authentic!

With our kits you will receive:

  • All the pieces pre-cut in your choice of jean.
  • 7 page instructional booklet with dozens of full color pictures.
  • All the thread and buttons you need to make your jacket.
  • A piece of wax to use on your thread.
  • As always, my contact information if you get stuck on any part of the construction!



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Price $100.00  


Choice of Jean
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Logwood Jean Add $20.00

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If you so choose, let us know if you would like your collar or epaulettes to be of a different color than the body and choose between these materials:

Blue Jean Black Twilled Wool

Save by bundling with a Confederate Issue Shirt Kit!

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