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Civilian Shirts


Made from FHW shirting! 

We are pleased to offer in stock civilian shirts made with the long seams sewn on a machine, but with extensive hand sewing throughout.  These shirts are made “on the square” using the finest cotton materials.  We offer a number of different colors and two different sizes.  The “Medium” shirts will comfortably fit up to a size 42 (though a 44 would still be able to fit into them) and the “Large” shirts will fit up to a size 48 (and possibly a 50.) 

Check out our Cotton Fabrics Page to see a selection of materials currently available, and other colors and patterns are coming in all the time!

We maintain a stock of a number of different patterns and sizes (check our in stock page for a list of what we currently have) but if you would like a specific color that we don’t have on hand it will take 6-8 weeks to deliver.
You can see a complete listing of the available shirting materials on our Cotton Shirting page.


Standard Grade Civilian Shirts

Price $90.00


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Make sure you have a current size chart on file with us before ordering.