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Price Announcement

We are raising prices. Not all of them, not even most. But the products that we offer that require the highest level of labor and skill to produce will be going up in price 5-20% 

This is not a decision we made lightly. Simply put, the hand sewn products we offer are made in house by Brian and Dan, the same guys that answer the phone, reply to emails, do the hands on research with original items, and a hundred other jobs and tasks that have kept this company in business for over fifteen years. Recently we were placed at a crossroads, and we had to decide between maintaining our quality and level of service or making more money by selling higher profit, less accurate items. We chose quality. 

Effective one week from today (April 15th), we will put the new prices into effect. We thought it was only fair that we be up front and honest about this, and we give everyone a chance to get an order in before the increases take effect. We believe in transparency. Affected products will include CS jackets and drawers. Sack coats, trousers, kits, fabrics, and just about everything else will remain unchanged. In fact, in the next year we plan to introduce at least four new products to our line, all of which will be faithful copies of original garments!

We understand that this will hurt our sales. People will always chase the lowest price. But we stand behind every product we make, and consider our work to be among the best you can buy. We’ve examined the originals, we’ve perfected the techniques, and nothing goes out the door that doesn’t meet our standards. You will always get what you pay for from us: top quality American-made historical clothing. 

Working within this community of living historians has been a continuous wellspring of pride for us here at Wambaugh, White, & Company. And we plan to be here for decades to come. 


Dan Wambaugh & Brian White